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Java and Genetics

Craving another cuppa? Blame your genes. So say researchers in a new study published last week in Scientific Reports. They analyzed the genetic data of more than 1,200 people in Italy and found that those with a gene variant called PDSS2 reported that they drank one cup less a day on average than those without the gene variant. This isn’t the first study to make such a claim. Research involving more than 1,700 study participants in the Netherlands came up with the same finding. Here’s how scientists think it works: PDSS2 reduces cells’ ability to break down caffeine. That means it stays in the body longer. So those with the gene variant don’t need as much coffee to experience the same glorious effect of caffeine as do those without it. Now I finally understand why I need so much coffee when my husband can do without. It’s clearly in my genes…

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