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Jews Hurt in Mexico Earthquake

Israel News:

Handicapped to Government: “My Way or the highway”: The Ayalon Highway in Tel Aviv was blocked by the disabled and handicapped as they feel they are still being ignored. They handed out flyers to drivers stuck in traffic on their way to work this morning. They hope to get their stipend raised to 5,000 a month and since that is not yet happening and they are only getting 2,700 nis a month, they are still hitting the highways in protest. Different promises have been made, none to the satisfaction of the handicapped. The Histadrut labor union announced it would jump into the fray to lobby and campaign for the handicapped.

Adding insult to injury: Leah Goldin lost her son Hadar and is still waiting for authorities to help retrieve his body from Hamas. She commented on the efforts being made or lack thereof for the handicapped in Israel. MK David Bitan from the Likud disliked the criticism and attacked her saying he’s the only one helping the disabled and that she should be ashamed of herself for her incitement against him. Leah Goldin doesn’t recall any incitement in her words but the MK’s offense is his best defense.

Flight does turnaround for emergency landing: On Wednesday afternoon before Rosh Hashana a Lufthansa plane took off and immediately returned to make an emergency landing back at the Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, after the right engine malfunctioned. It was an Airbus A321 which had 180 passengers on board. The plane landed safely and there were no injuries.

World news:

Turkey authorized it’s military to deploy in Syria and Iraq to counter the upcoming Kurdish Referendum for independence tomorrow. Many players feel that Kurdish independence will destabilize the region and even the US supports this position in order to maintain its ties with Turkey as a NATO member. However ties with Turkey are becoming more tenuous and they are less reliable as a continuing member of NATO. The Kurds fought ISIS and Kurdish independence would help keep them and Syria in line. Iran, Turkey and Iraq can’t stand a strong Kurdish presence but if the US would support the Kurds it would help keep Turkey, Iraq and Iran on their toes. The US should consider who it’s supporting.

Mexico Earthquake claims life of Chief Rabbi’s relative: The body of Rabbi Chaim Ashkenazi, the son-in-law of the Mexican Chief Rabbi was found by the ZAKA organization during Rosh Hashana Rescue efforts. He was found in the collapsed office building he was trapped in during the earthquake

Iranian ballistic missile test upsets France: On Shabbat, France called upon the UN saying it was very concerned about Iran’s last ballistic missile tests and wants Iran to stop all activities that destabilize the region. France will discuss with Europe how to make sure Iran stops these destabilizing activities hinting at sanctioning Iran.


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