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Join Hidabroot’s Worldwide Outreach Operation

Hidabroot Worldwide is currently launching new Websites and TV channels in English, French, Spanish & Russian. We are seeking employees and volunteers who are interested in joining this exciting mission. 

Here are some ideas of what we are looking for:

–    Rabbis and lecturers who wish to load their materials onto our site.
–    Kiruv organizations that would like us to professionally film their lectures.
–    Colleges, universities, communities and synagogues that would like us to coordinate    kiruv events or initiatives.
–    Websites or books that would like to load their materials to our site.
–    Rabbis and lecturers that are travelling abroad from Israel to the diaspora and vice versa can contact us for kiruv events & filming at the Hidabrut studio.

Available Positions: 

–    Content Writers
–    Video Editors
–    News Presenters
–    Translators
–    Follow up Team
–    Directors

If you are interested in collaborating with us, please send an email to erez@hidabroot.com

We look forward to working with you!
Hidabrut Worldwide Team


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