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Kristallnacht in Haifa, Courtesy of Haifa Municipality

Israel news:

The PA Recalled its Ambassador to Washington Hussam Zumlut in response to Trump’s declaring Jerusalem Israel’s eternal capital. PA head Abu Mazen already announced he would not agree to any peace deal proposed by the US. (So what exactly changed? Why is this different than the past few decades?)

Givatayim Municipality shamefully against Shabbat: Shortly before voting on the merchant’s law which would stop stores from illegally opening on Shabbat (why do you need a law to enforce another existing law of keeping Shabbat?) the Givatayim municipality made a city ordinance to open the stores on Shabbat (in violation of the existing law).

Kristallnacht courtesy of Haifa municipality: The Haredi community is furious over a forced eviction of a yeshivas legally rented in the Ahuza neighborhood of Haifa. The yeshiva’s management says they rented the building lawfully last week, and on Thursday they entered the site. After Shabbat the students left the building to a Melave Malka meal in the Nevei Sha’anan neighborhood. It was then the municipality took the opportunity to bring workers who entered the building and began destroying furniture and yeshiva equipment as they threw it out of the building. Police came to prevent violence but they would prevent the forced eviction which had no official eviction notices issued.

City Director-General Gadi Margalit said the yeshiva illegally entered the building and he was using his authority to close it down. Even assuming his words are true there is still a due process of the law including hearings, eviction notices and a chance to appeal but chances are his words are not true. Either way it is shameful.

The yeshiva administration said “Witnessing people entering a building, dismantling and destroying furniture, is something which people haven’t seen since Kristallnacht. How can it be be that in a law abiding nation, city employees without legal eviction papers can evict a yeshiva while police do nothing?”

There is obviously some disconnect for on the Haifa municipality website from where the headline picture came , they reported this a vigilance against people trying to change the neighborhood… we hope they are proud of themselves.

World news:

Trump comments on Iranian protests against the regime: President Trump tweeted the following remarks: “People finally understand that their money was robbed from them and spent on terror. It seems they are not prepared to accept this anymore… The US is keeping track of human rights violations in Iran.”

The Mahwah, NJ municipality reversed a discriminatory park and eruv law banning Jews from using the park and constructing an eruv: Faced with a lawsuit and the possibility of the city being forced to forfeit federal funds it received and refund them the Mahwah municipality retracted its discriminatory ordinance. (Compare and contrast with Haifa municipality, see above.)

Fiery plane crash in Costa Rica claims lives of Jewish vacationers: A single-engine Cessna 208B Grand Caravan, owned and operated by Nature Air took off on a chartered flight on Sunday afternoon from Punta Islita airport heading for San Jose and crashed shortly after taking off, according to Enio Cubillo, director of Costa Rica Civil Aviation. The flight is under investigation and autopsies were performed to identify the burned crash victims. One Jewish family of 5 from Scarsdale was killed and another Jewish family of 3 was also believed to be killed but this has not yet been confirmed.


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