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Last will and Testament of Oldest Man in Jerusalem

Last week Chacham Zacharia Brashi passed away at the age of 116. He was a speaker and community leader in the Kurdish community who is survived by 29 grandchildren 72 great grandchildren and 24 great great grandchildren. His last will and testament became public knowledge as Israeli media outlets are deeply impressed with the instructions he left to his family (and all of us).

“Behold I’ve aged and I don’t know when I’m going to die, and you my sons, daughters in law, daughters and son’s in law, grandchildren and great grandchildren, all precious and G-d should be with you, You should all know the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob our holy forefathers and you should serve him wholeheartedly and with desire. For G-d seeks the hearts of all men and understands the calculations man makes. If you seek Him He will be there for you and if you leave Him he will G-d forbid forsake you forever.”

Please do not forget G-d all the days of your life, for He lives forever in all the eternal worlds and he knows all of man’s thoughts and their deeds and rewards them according to their deeds. Everything is in His hands; children, life, sustenance and health. He is one and watches over every person. He gives great reward for the study of Torah and to those who do his mitzvoth, charities, good deeds and kindness and He punishes those who sin with bitter afflictions in this world and the next but one who repents G-d immediately accepts.”

“You should know that this world was made solely to serve G-d-meaning to set times for Torah study to do mitzvoth and charity good deeds and kindness. These are our advocates and speakers on our behalf that accompany man from the Garden of Eden below up to the upper Garden of Eden to live eternal spiritual life with tranquility, peace, satisfaction, a life with no lack with hundreds and thousands of righteous people who praise G-d and he will merit to sit with the great people of the nation of Israel. Fortunate is he that fulfills the above instructions.”

Chacham Brashi concludes his words with encouragement and consoling his family and explains to them how to conduct themselves. “And you my sons and daughters, sons and daughters in law, continue with the love you have between yourselves in order to teach your children after you. Peace to you and your homes and all that is yours. G-d should bless His nation with peace. Thank You. From Zachariah the son of Rabbi Eliyahu Brashi.”


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