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London Fire claims 12, injures 74, Congressman Steve Scalise Shot

Israel news:

Hadar Goldin’s mother spoke to international representatives about retrieving her son’s body from the Hamas. Her son was killed during a cease fire and if the Hamas really cares about humanitarian concerns well returning her son’s body is a humanitarian concern.

Though announcing otherwise, Abbas visited the home of a terrorist that killed many Jews and is serving 14 life sentences.  Nasser Awais was given over 500,000 shekels for planning terror attacks killing 14 Jews. Abbas called him a ‘heroic prisoner’.

Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman commented on Rex Tillerson’s statement to a senate committee that the PA stopped funding terrorists: “We have no indication that these payments have stopped or that they even plan to stop.” Even the PA’s own head of prisoner affairs Issa Karaka said payments to prisoners will continue.  

15,000 discounted apartments were entered into a raffle. Eligible young couples who don’t yet own their own apartment participated in these raffles to buy apartments at a considerable discount.  The raffle will be after this Shabbat. The treasury minister announced that “tens of thousands of apartments will be raffled before the year is over taking many young couples off the list of apartment seekers.”

Nechama Spiegel-Novack, is an orthodox woman, married and the mother of four children. She is now also Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s personal pilot flying him from Israel to Greece for an energy summit in Salonika.

World News:

London fire raged for over 16 hours leaving 12 dead and 74 wounded as of the last count. The Grenfell Tower caught on fire last night at 1:00 am and trapped people in the building. Renovations took place recently but they didn’t include fire safety equipment. Ironically the new cladding of the building façade may have facilitated the quick spread of the fire.

Congressman Steve Scalise Shot for Being a Republican: Republicans senators and congressmen got up bright and early to practice for a charity benefit baseball game to be played against the Democrats. This was at the Simpson Field in Alexandria, Virginia. James T. Hodgkinson, age 66 from Illinois, got onto the baseball field and asked: “Are the republicans on the field now?” He then took out his rifle and got off up to 50 shots at people before police shot and wounded him. Steve Scalise was by second base when hit and crawled into center field before being taken to the hospital. 3 other people were wounded from gunfire two of them were policemen who endangered themselves to stop the shooter. President Trump announced that Hodgkinson died in police custody from his injuries.

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