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Questions and Answers About Yom Kippur

Hello. I work for a security company. Since we have to work 24 hours around the clock because of the need for security, we have to work on festivals and Shabbat too. I read in some place that it is permitted to make a wage on Shabbat if the wage covers work time besides Shabbat. I want to know what’s the situation concerning Yom Kippur. Can I work on Yom Kippur according to Jewish law if it’s a matter of security and safety?

The Wake Up Call of Kol Nidrei

Today he is a genuinely committed to Judaism, and studies Torah every available moment. In his home, you can sometimes see the light in his salon on until the wee hours of the night, because he is busy studying a subject in Bava Kama. Who would believe that this was once “Yigal the Bukharian”? This is the story of the Kol Nidrei that caused a revolution in the heart of a new immigrant to Israel.