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Shabbat - The Kiddush Laws - Part 3

Is it permissible to drink and eat before reciting Kiddush? What is the minimum amount of wine a person making Kiddush should drink? Is it possible to make Kiddush on a drink which is not wine? As a prelude to the Kiddush the verses of the creation narrative which discuss Shabbat are recited. After the drinking of the wine, the benediction over bread is recited and the Shabbat meal begins

Shabbat Candles - Part 1

May one use any kind of candles for candle lighting? Why do we light Shabbat candles? Rabbi Lauffer explains how Shabbat candles bring peace and tranquility into the home and enhance our enjoyment of the Shabbat meal. The candles also serve as a reminder of the spiritual dimensions of Shabbat

Shabbat Candles - Part 2

Where is the best place to light the Shabbat candles? May one add oil to the Shabbat Candles? What is the reason for lighting the Shabbat candles? Every mitzvah introduces light into the world. With certain mitzvot, the light we generate can actually be seen and appreciated. Lighting candles to usher in the Shabbat is one such mitzvah; the candles lend a soft and peaceful atmosphere to the holy Day of Rest

Shabbat - An Intimate Date with G-d

Rabbi Benzion Klatzko illuminates us with a fresh perspective and understanding of the beauty of Shabbat. Just like a relationship between two people is at its best when both make an effort to dedicate time to give the other their undivided attention, so too the same applies in our relationship with G-d.

Resting on Shabbat

What work is forbidden to do on Shabbat? Why is it forbidden to light a match on Shabbat? Why is it forbidden for one’s animals to work on Shabbat? Rabbi Gottlieb analyzes the verses in the torah concerning resting on Shabbat.

About Shabbat

How can we tap into the energy and spirituality of Shabbat? In a thrilling lecture, Rabbi Orlofsky illustrates the deeper meaning of Shabbat, and explains how we can experience the beauty of this holy day.

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