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Shabbat Food

How may one warm up food on Shabbat? What's the best way to prepare cholent for the Shabbat day meal? Why is it forbidden to make ice on Shabbat? Learn about the laws and customs regarding food items on Shabbat

Carrying on Shabbat

It is forbidden to carry on Shabbat from a public domain into a private domain and vice versa. Why can't we carry on Shabbat? How can one carry keys on Shabbat if there's no eiruv? Rabbi Lauffer delivers a detailed explanation of the laws regarding carrying on Shabbat

Two Loaves of Bread

Why is there a commandment to eat two loaves of bread on Shabbat? How do we fulfill the requirement of eating the two Challah breads on Shabbat? Discover how our simple actions, like preparing Challah for Shabbat give God tremendous satisfaction

Shabbat Meals

Why is there a special requirement to experience pleasure on the day of Shabbat, like enjoying a delicious and elegant Shabbat meal? What do the different Shabbat delicacies represent? Rabbi Chaimowitz discusses the depth and meaning behind the laws and customs regarding the Shabbat meals

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