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From Islam & Christianity to Judaism

The Amazing story of Nissim Baruch Black (born Damian Jamohl Black). Originally a non-Jewish secular artist under the name D. Black, he released two successful albums. After a hard life and a long journey of soul searching in Christianity and Islam he retired and started to focus on his conversion to Orthodox Judaism. Nissim, an American rapper and producer from Seattle, Washington, has returned under his new Hebrew name Nissim, and has begun writing from a more religious standpoint.

I Told My Husband: "We Have To Adopt A Child With Down’s Syndrome"

Chaya and Yisrael Ben-Baruch, more than just being a couple, are truly an inspiring phenomenon. Their story begins in Long Island, New York, switches to Alaska and concludes in the holy city of Safed. It contains significant challenges, searches for authentic Judaism, refined characters, devotion to unwanted Down's Syndrome children, and a surprise happy ending which proves that sometimes reality goes beyond the wildest imagination. A portrait of loving kindness at its most potent.

From India to Jerusalem

Today Rabbi Yitzchak Fanger is one of the most popular motivational speakers in Israel. What caused him to leave behind his dream of becoming a Reiki expert and search for the truth? In an inspiring and humorous lecture, Rav Fanger tells over his adventurous life-story, that takes a wild turn-around in the forests of India

At the Last Minute The Cremation Was Averted

Michael Osborne travelled to the island of Negros for medical treatment , but in the end he passed away. Since he was unknown and did not seem to have family, the church wanted to cremate him. But then it became apparent that he was a Jew and with the help of a Chabad emissary and the head of the Zaka organization his body was saved and brought to a Jewish burial in the Philippines.

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