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A Muslim in the Process of Conversion: "Judaism is the Holiest Religion"

25 years after his mother and sister were murdered in cold blood in the name of the Koran, Munir Munser — a Muslim born in Lebanon who is in the process of conversion — breaks his silence. In an exclusive interview with the Hidabroot web site, he relates the moments he suffered alienation, the cruelty carried out under the mandate of the Koran, and the first Yom Kippur that he tried to keep

A Druze Woman Who Converted to Judaism: I am a Jew, I am the Daughter of a King

S., a young Druze woman who officially joined the Jewish people, admits: "Judaism is the true religion. I converted, I know that keeping Judaism is not a game, only G-d knows what is in my heart." And she has a message for young Jewish women who fall in love with Arabs: "They want to take revenge on the Jewish people, so they go after Jewish girls. These young women will have a tragic life”

Dazzling Proof: A Torah Scroll Parchment Served as the Wrapping for the Nazi Officer’s Certificate

More than 60 years ago, a Nazi officer entered a synagogue in Lithuania, and nonchalantly ripped a piece from an antique Torah scroll, to protect the officer certificate he was carrying. Later, he shared the secret with his son, a senior politician in Germany, who decided to return the holy parchment. Moti Dotan, head of the Lower Galilee Council, was the messenger for the good deed

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