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Taking a Small Step

In this empowering lecture, Rabbi Zamir Cohen gives us a new perspective on the meaning of life's challenges and shows us through various examples from history, how one small act of personal triumph can impact future generations.

Loving G-d

How can we be expected to love a being that we cannot see? It doesn't seem possible. In this weekly lesson, Rabbi Zamir Cohen teaches us how we can attain a feeling of true love for the Creator of the universe.

Miracles and Wonders Then and Now

Do miracles occur today like they did during the Exodus from Egypt? Or like the miracles of Purim and Hanukkah? What is the difference between an open miracle, a hidden miracle and Divine supervision? Rabbi Zamir Cohen, in his fascinating lecture clarifies things from an original and profound perspective, and paves the way to faith, confidence, peace of mind and joy.

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