Laws of Yom Tov

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Pesach - The Laws of Yom Tov

How can you make a public domain into a privet domain? Is it permissible to cook on a Yom Tov? What is the difference between Yom Tov & Shabbat? On Shabbat, we are required to honor the day and enjoy it, whereas on Yom Tov we also celebrate the day with joy, as the Torah says, “And you shall rejoice in your festival . . . and you shall only be happy". Rabbi Lauffer elaborates on the laws and customs of Yom Tov and Passover

Pesach - The Laws of Chol Hamoed

What is Chol Hamoed? Is it permissible to write or use a computer on Chol Hamoed? Why do we eat meat and drink wine on Chol Hamoed? Chol HaMoed has its own unique laws, some forbidden activities are permissible on Chol Hamoed while others are forbidden. Learn about the laws of Chol HaMoed with Rabbi Lauffer