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The Shema - Part 5

In the Shema prayer we recite the phrase "do not go after your hearts and eyes" - what is the significance of this powerful phrase? In this episode Rabbi Lauffer focuses on controlling our desires and channeling them correctly

The Shema - Part 1

What is the significance of this powerful and beloved prayer? Why are there two large letters in the first verse of the Shema? How can you express your love for G-d? Rabbi Lauffer shares inspiring insights to the Shema prayer

The Shema - Part 2

What is the secret to living an exciting, energetic and vibrant religious life? What is a Jew expected to sacrifice in order to live a religious life? Rabbi Lauffer derives fundamental life lessons from the words of the Shema prayer

The Shema - Part 3

How do we pass on the Jewish tradition to the next generation? How can we preserve our right to continue living in the Land of Israel? What is the cause of the prosperity of the Land of Israel? Why do we wear Tzitzit? Rabbi Lauffer explains these vital concepts based on the text of the Shema prayer

The Shema - Part 4

Why is the mitzvah of Tzitzit considered superior in respect to other commandments in the Torah? Why do we kiss the tzitzit strings while reciting the Shema prayer? Rabbi Lauffer shares more inspiring insights to the Shema prayer

Reality is Reality

Why do we repeat the silent prayer three times a day? How can you connect to the prayer service? What are the ramifications of G-d's existence in the world? In a remarkable seminar, Rabbi Friedman illustrates the beauty and significance of prayer

Prayer & Kabbalah

When we pray we climb a spiritual ladder, reaching the pinnacle during the silent prayer. Rabbi Botton elaborates on the spiritual ascent and descent that occurs during the prayer service based on Kabbalah 

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