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Shema - Part 4

What comes before G-d's Commandments? When is the ideal time to recite the shema every day? How can you reach a level of performing G-d's Commandments out of love? What is the key to a happy life? Rabbi Kantor with more inspiring insights to the prayer of shema

Shema - Part 3

What does it mean to love G-d? How do you serve G-d with all your soul? Learn about the three paragraphs mentioned in the shema. The theme of the first (Deuteronomy 6:4–9) is the acceptance of the “yoke of Heaven”; of the second (ibid. 11:13–21), the acceptance of the yoke of His commandments; and of the third (Numbers 15:37–41), remembering the Exodus from Egypt

Shema - Part 2

What is the intention that we should have in our heart when we recite the shema? How can we recite a blessing on a bad things that happen to us? At what time of the year are the People of Israel similar to angels? Rabbi Kantor focuses on the reason we recite the Shema twice each day

Shema - Part 1

What is the source of the obligation to recite the shema every day? What is the meaning of the shema? How can you help the world reach perfection? What will bring you closer to G-d? Rabbi Kantor with insights to one of the best-known fundamental expressions of Jewish belief

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