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Bo - The Pesach Offering

The first sacrifice that the Jewish people brought together as a nation was the Pesach offering. Why did G-d command us to use a sheep for the Pesach offering? Rabbi Schiller derives essential lessons for life based on the scriptures

Ki Tisa - Part 2

Where did Betzalel get the skills needed for building the tabernacle? Why is the mitzvah of Shabbat mentioned immediately after the building of the mishkan? Rabbi Kaplan delivers major lessons for life based on the scriptures

Shemini - The Priestly Service Begins

How did Aaron know that G-d forgave him? Who gets greater reward, one who needs to do a mitzvah or one who volunteers to do a Mitzvah? What is the most correct way to do a mitzvah? Rabbi Kaplan teaches us moral lessons for life based on the scriptures

Acharei Mot - Part 2

What is the purpose of Yom Kippur?  Why can't we rely on last year’s repentance? What does the priest's clothing represent? Rabbi David Kaplan explains the Torah's approach. 

Bechukotai - Part 1

G-d promises many blessings for Israel: peace, triumph over our enemies, Divine Providence, and economic success. Rabbi David Kaplan explains how all these blessings will come true when we go in the way of G-d.


What is the role of the red heifer? How can it be that on one hand the red heifer purifies and at the same time defiles? What do we need to do in order to live in the Land of Israel? Another fascinating lesson from Rabbi Kaplan focusing on the mitzvah of Sukkah and the importance of living at peace with people.

Parshat Balak - Part 1

Balak and Bilam team up in battle against the Jewish Nation. Rabbi Lauffer introduces us to these unique characters in the Parsha and the confrontation between the Moabites and the Jews.  

What Reward Did Pinchas Receive For His Act?

When does the Torah permit one to kill another human being? Why was a Torah Law forgotten by Moses? How can a penny save someone from death? What reward did Pinchas receive for his act? Rabbi Kaplan focuses on the benefits of walking in the way of G-d.

Parshat Mattot - Part 4

When the Jewish people returned from battle, they were immediately commanded to purify their utensils. What is the connection between returning from war and koshering utensils?

Ki Tavo - Observing the Commandments Brings Prosperity

What happens to a person who observes Hashem's commandments? How can it be that a person's reality can change in an instant? What is the power of a blessing? In this session Moses lists the blessings the people will enjoy if they keep the commandments, and the punishments they will suffer for disobeying them