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Bereishit - The Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil

Why did Eve cause Adam to eat from the forbidden tree? What is the cause of most of people's troubles? Why do people have to stay so far away from jealousy? What is one of the most basic things a person should do to grow spiritually? Rabbi Kaplan with essential lessons for life based on the scriptures

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Vayeira - Part 4 - Isaac & Laughter

The name Yitzchak means laughter. What is the deeper meaning of this laughter? What is the significance of the fact that Yitzchak was weaned at two years old? Rabbi Kaplan delivers parenting tips based on the parsha

Shemot - Part 2

What reward did the midwives receive for saving the lives of the Jewish children? Rabbi Kaplan shares deeper insights to the episode of Moses hidden in the basket in the Nile

Va’eira - Part 1

What was the purpose of the Ten Plagues? Rabbi Kaplan teaches us how to react when confronted with inconvenient and painful situations in life based on this week's Torah portion

Bo - Part 1

What does it mean that G-d hardened Pharaoh's heart, does that mean that he lost his free will? What is the secret to transmitting the truth of Judaism to the next generation? Rabbi Kaplan derives remarkable lessons for life from the scriptures  

Ki Tisa - Part 1

Why is there a Jewish custom not to count people? Why is Moses commanded to count the Jewish people by ordering them to donate half a shekel? Rabbi Kaplan delivers remarkable lessons for life based on the scriptures


Why is there so much repetition in the scriptures regarding the building of the tabernacle? Rabbi Weiner derives essential lessons for life from this week's Torah portion

Acharei Mot - Part 2

What is the purpose of Yom Kippur?  Why can't we rely on last year’s repentance? What does the priest's clothing represent? Rabbi David Kaplan explains the Torah's approach. 

Shmittah - A Triple Crop in the Sixth Year

No one can possibly predict in advance with any certainty how much the crop will increase in years to come, and certainly no one would make a bet to predict a permanent percent increase in crops at determined cycles of every few years. Amazingly, the Torah does just that

Beha'alotcha - Part 1

Is the Chanukah menorah meant to be be a replica of the menorah that was in the Temple? Why does the Torah repeat itself when mentioning the contributions of the Presidents? Rabbi David Kaplan focuses on the service of the Kohanim in the Temple.

Parshat Korach - Part 4

Why were Korach's sons saved from the punishment of Korach and his followers? How does Moshe save the lives of those dying from the plague? Learn deeper insights into the Parsha with Rabbi Lauffer

Balak - War Time

Why did Balak wage war against the Jewish people? What qualities did Bilam the sorcerer possess?  In this session Rabbi Breitowitz delivers inspiring ideas in Jewish thought based on the scriptures.  

Mattot - Part 3

What is the best way for a person to purify himself of his sins? Does person have to be financially set in order to start a family? What is the most important thing in life? In this lesson, Rabbi Kaplan explains to us the greatness of the Torah and what is really important in life.

Parshat Devarim - Part 3

Why did Moses rebuke the nation for spying out the Land of Israel, if He gave them the go-ahead to spy out the land in the first place? Rabbi Lauffer expounds on Moshe's rebuke to the Jewish people