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Bereishit - Creation of Man

In the beginning G-d was pleased with the creation of man. Why did the situation change so drastically towards the end of the parsha? Why is the earth cursed if it has no free choice? Rabbi Matalon derives essential life lessons from the verses

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Vayeira - Part 4 - Isaac & Laughter

The name Yitzchak means laughter. What is the deeper meaning of this laughter? What is the significance of the fact that Yitzchak was weaned at two years old? Rabbi Kaplan delivers parenting tips based on the parsha

Toldot - You’ve Got Twins

Yitzchak and Rivka beseeched G-d to bless them with children. Our Sages tell us that G-d answered the prayers of Yitzchak. Why was Yitzchak's prayer more valuable than Rivka's? Rabbi Perlman discusses the drama of Yaakov and Eisav's birth.

Mikeitz - Pharaoh’s Dream

Why did Pharaoh call the wise men of Egypt to interpret his dreams? How does Yosef react after being let out of prison after a 12 year sentence? Rabbi Kaplan delivers remarkable lessons for life based on the episode of Pharaoh’s dream.

Vayigash - Yosef Reveals Himself

How did Yosef prove his identity to his brothers? Why did Joseph have to go through the challenge with a married woman? How did Joseph's brothers atone for their sin? Rabbi Kaplan explains how the meeting of Joseph with his brothers reveals G-d's perfect control of the world

Parshat Shemot - Children are a Blessing

There's a well known idea in the Talmud: "The left hand rejects while the right hand embraces". In this short clip, Rabbi Zamir Cohen elucidates this concept and shows us how to adopt the proper method and balance in raising children

Yitro - Part 3 - Honoring Parents

What is the ideal way to fulfill the commandment of honoring parents? Every society in the world has a law prohibiting murder, what is unique about Judaism's approach to one who commits murder? Rabbi Kaplan derives inspiring lessons from the Ten Commandments

Ki Tisa - Part 4

What punishment did the Jewish people receive for serving the golden calf? What reward did the Levites receive for not getting involved in the sin of the golden calf? Rabbi Kaplan delivers remarkable lessons for life based on the parsha

Shemini - The Priestly Service Begins

How did Aaron know that G-d forgave him? Who gets greater reward, one who needs to do a mitzvah or one who volunteers to do a Mitzvah? What is the most correct way to do a mitzvah? Rabbi Kaplan teaches us moral lessons for life based on the scriptures

Acharei Mot - Part 2

What is the purpose of Yom Kippur?  Why can't we rely on last year’s repentance? What does the priest's clothing represent? Rabbi David Kaplan explains the Torah's approach. 

Nasso - Part 2

How can it be that a person who believes, can behave in a manner that contradicts his belief? What is the purpose of becoming a nazir (monk)? Should one who becomes religious stop all his hobbies? Rabbi Kaplan focuses on the laws regarding the nazir.

Balak - Part 2

Making an impulsive rash decision can be detrimental for one's future. Mr Fruchthandler elaborates further on the value of reassessing and reevaluating a situation before making a decision  

Mattot - War Strategies

What is Judaism's approach to appropriate strategies of war? In a remarkable lecture, Rabbi Schiller elaborates on the ideal strategies of war based on this Week's Torah Portion.

Devarim - Part 3

Why it is so important to hide our good deeds? How can it be that one does a good deed and gets punished for it? In this session Rabbi Kaplan focuses on the importance of listening to instructions.

Ki Tetzei - The Rebellious Son

What are the characteristics of the rebellious son? Why does the Torah single out excessive indulgence of meat and wine? Rabbi Kaplan derives fundamental lessons for parenting and addictions based on the Parsha.