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Vayechi - The "Closed" Section

Why is there no gap between this week’s Torah portion and the previous portion? What does Jacob request from Yosef before passing away? Rabbi Kaplan shares insights to the scriptures discussing Jacob's death

Va’eira - Part 2

Why does the Torah list the genealogy of the Jewish people before the plagues begin? In this episode Rabbi Kaplan elaborates on the first few plagues that were inflicted on Pharaoh and the Egyptians

Beshalach - Real Beauty - Emulating Hashem

In this lesson Rabbi Botton teaches us that there are three verses in this week’s portion that command us to emulate Hashem’s ways. This means, say our Sages, that just as He is merciful, so we should be merciful, just as He is giving, we should be giving, and so on with respect to all other attributes

Vayikra - Deep-Pan Meal Offering

What can we learn from the 'deep pan meal offering'? What really causes us to get angry? Why in Judaism is there a custom to have salt on the table? Rabbi Kaplan explains the difference between the Jewish altar and the altar of other nations and how Judaism relates to a person who makes a mistake

Acharei Mot - Part 1

Why does the priest change his clothes when he enters to the Holy of Holies? Why does the priest need two identical goats? Rabbi David Kaplan teaches us about the service of the priest in the Temple on Yom Kippur.

Parshat Massei - Part 3

Rabbi Lauffer discusses the differences between the borders defined by the Torah and the borders we have today; as well as the reason why the Land of Israel is not naturally fertile, and more

Parshat Devarim - Part 5

The Jewish people wandered in the desert for 40 years. Through the power of prayer they merited to dwell in the same place for 19 years. From this event Rabbi Lauffer derives vital lessons in our attitude towards prayer