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Bereishit - The Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil

Why did Eve cause Adam to eat from the forbidden tree? What is the cause of most of people's troubles? Why do people have to stay so far away from jealousy? What is one of the most basic things a person should do to grow spiritually? Rabbi Kaplan with essential lessons for life based on the scriptures

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Lech Lecha - Part 1

What was the challenge that Avraham faced, when told to travel into the wilderness? Why is the test of travelling to an unknown destination considered a more difficult challenge than the test of being thrown into the furnace? Rabbi Kaplan describes Avraham's true greatness

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Vayeishev - Yaacov and His Offspring

Why does Yaakov favour Yosef? Why did Yosef inform Yaakov about the brothers behaviour? What caused the brothers to hate Yosef? Rabbi Kaplan illustrates the Divine plan that guided the entire saga of Yosef clashing with the brothers.

Parshat Vayigash - Tears of Pain, Tears of Joy

It is said that in the time to come, G-d will erase all tears. Why erase tears of joy? What is true happiness? Rabbi Yisroel Perelson, Rabbi & Mohel of Flatbush Park Jewish Center, explains what Yosef and Binyamin were crying about as they met and hugged for the first time after 22 years of separation

Va’eira - Part 2

Why does the Torah list the genealogy of the Jewish people before the plagues begin? In this episode Rabbi Kaplan elaborates on the first few plagues that were inflicted on Pharaoh and the Egyptians

Beshalach - Part 1

Why would the Jewish people want to return to Egypt if they had just witnessed the ten plagues? What is the secret to overcoming life's challenges? Rabbi Kaplan derives remarkable lessons from the scriptures

Ki Tisa - The Leftover Ink

When Moshe wrote the original Sefer Torah which HaShem dictated, there was a little drop of ink left over. HaShem took that ink and rubbed it on Moshe's head. The beams of light that shone forth from Moshe's head were the result of that drop of ink

Vayikra - Deep-Pan Meal Offering

What can we learn from the 'deep pan meal offering'? What really causes us to get angry? Why in Judaism is there a custom to have salt on the table? Rabbi Kaplan explains the difference between the Jewish altar and the altar of other nations and how Judaism relates to a person who makes a mistake

Acharei Mot - Part 3

Why does the Torah forbid us to eat blood? Why is it important for Jews to eat Kosher food? In this lesson Rabbi David Kaplan teaches us the difference between impurity to impure.

Bamidbar - Part 1

G-d commands Moshe to count the men aged twenty or older. Why do we count people’s names? Why is the counting specifically from the age of 20? Rabbi Kaplan elaborates on the second year of Israel's travels in the desert.

Nasso - Part 1

What is the longest portion the Torah? What happens to a women who drank from the holy water? Why only in the case of a husband who suspects his wife, is the Cohen allowed to delete the name of G-d in the holy water? Rabbi Kaplan delivers remarkable lessons for life based on the scriptures.

Shelach - Part 3

In Judaism who are the Eyes of the nation? Is it correct to think that Rabbis don't make mistakes? In this session, Rabbi Kaplan explains how all human beings can make mistakes, even righteous people.

Parshat Massei - Part 4

Why does the Torah command us to create an ecological setup around the cities of the Levites? One who commits manslaughter accidentally may escape to a City of Refuge – What's life like in the City of Refuge?

Parshat Ki Tetzei

At time of war there is a peculiar mitzvah in the Torah that permits one to marry a Captive Woman. Why does the Torah permit one to marry this woman? Rabbi Botton shares mystical insights to the Parsha.

Ki Tavo - Living Jewish

What is Judaism? Should Jews try to live in Israel at any cost? Why do people talk gossip about others? May one tell over information which is not true to make some one look better? In another magnificent lesson, Rabbi Kaplan teaches us moral lessons for life, spiced with hilarious life stories