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Deeper Insights Into the Pesach Haggadah - Part 2

What is the point of repeating the story of the Exodus every year on the first night of Passover? What is the explanation of the statement of our Sages that "In every generation every individual must feel as if he personally left Egypt"? Rabbi Gottlieb shares further insights into the Pesach Haggadah 

Fast of Gedaliah

What is the purpose of the Fast of Gedaliah? Why was Gedaliah Ben Achikam murdered? Rabbi Reisman explains how the Fast of Gedaliah enables us to continue the momentum of Rosh Hashanah.

Simchat Torah - Joy is a Power

Where else will you find crowds of people happy and dancing until they are exhausted, only because of the fact that they have a “Book”? We rejoice because we are what we are in the merit of this Book.