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Questions and Answers About Yom Kippur

Hello. I work for a security company. Since we have to work 24 hours around the clock because of the need for security, we have to work on festivals and Shabbat too. I read in some place that it is permitted to make a wage on Shabbat if the wage covers work time besides Shabbat. I want to know what’s the situation concerning Yom Kippur. Can I work on Yom Kippur according to Jewish law if it’s a matter of security and safety?

Hidabroot Tisha B’av Worldwide Live - Webcast Event

Hidabroot has scheduled a Tisha B’Av Marathon for this Sunday that will include lectures by 50 rabbis, 4 live stream locations, and lectures and videos in 3 languages — Hebrew, English and French.

The webcast event can be seen here on the Hidabroot website at from  9:00am on the 14/08/2016.

The best speakers in the world, the most inspiring ideas — all in the comfort of your home for free!

Pick and choose from a large number of videos that will touch your soul and bring you to yearn for the Third Temple. Don’t let this Tisha B’Av pass without getting inspired!