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Thanking Each Boy

We all try to be sensitive to others, but there are those who take it a step further. Find out how sensitive one can be in another inspiring story from Rabbi Kaplan's fascinating Impact series

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Shabbat Candles - Part 1

May one use any kind of candles for candle lighting? Why do we light Shabbat candles? Rabbi Lauffer explains how Shabbat candles bring peace and tranquility into the home and enhance our enjoyment of the Shabbat meal. The candles also serve as a reminder of the spiritual dimensions of Shabbat

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Tefillin - Supreme Bindings

Just like an audiovisual device can work through a single antenna that receives waves from the atmosphere transmitting its content into a broadcasting device, tefillin operate in a similar way within the soul of man, as they receive the Divine light from the spiritual realm, infusing it into the depths of the soul