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No Working on Shabbat - Rabbi Zamir Cohen

One of the most common questions we hear today is, “why can’t I light a fire on Shabbat? After all, it is very easy to light a fire nowadays using a match or a lighter. A quick flip of a switch or a turn of the ignition is effortless compared to the work that had to be done in ancient times in order to start a fire”

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The 10 Commandments - Part 1

Are the Ten Commandments more important than the other Mitzvot? Why did the Sages annul the custom of mentioning the 10 commandments at the end of the prayer service? Should we stand up when the 10 commandments are read in the Synagogue? Learn about the 10 commandments with Rabbi Lauffer 

Live Selichot Broadcast from the Western Wall - Watch Now

Hidabroot brings directly to your home the last Selichot of the year, live from the Western Wall in Jerusalem. The broadcast will be accompanied by Rabbi Zamir Cohen, Rabbi Yitzchak Fanger, Rebbetzin Yemima Mizrachi, singers and more. Monday evening 9th of Tishrei 5779 (17.9.2018) starting at 21:00 IDT. Watch