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Cooking on Shabbat - Part 3

Is it permissible to add water into a humidifier on Shabbat? How may one keep food warm on Shabbat? Rabbi Lauffer elaborates further on the laws regarding the prohibition of cooking on Shabbat

Story of a Dedicated Life

Rabbi Grossman has built a city from the ground up, transformed the lives of thousands of at-risk children, revolutionized Israel’s prison rehabilitation system, and won just about every national prize there is. Hear the fascinating story of a true hero

See Images from the Pre-Purim Event in New York

The perfect start to the month of Adar! The participants of the Pre-Purim Event in New York were inspired & by Rabbanit Yemima Mizrachi, Rebbetzin Slovie Jungreis Wolff, Rabbi Ilan Meirov and Rebbetzin Urian Reiss. Keep posted for more Hidabroot & Chazaq events in the future

What’s the Difference Between Judaism and Other Religions?

Judaism is not afraid to declare that G-d gave His Torah to His chosen people in front of the entire nation, as is written explicitly in the Torah. It’s impossible to invent a historical story like this and ask an entire people to keep Shabbat, put on tefillin, keep family purity laws and much more unless they were convinced G-d Himself had commanded it