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A Four-Cornered “Bulletproof Vest”

One of the areas of Judaism that has sparked much interest among the nations of the world is the special dress code unique to the Jewish people. From the tallit—a magnificent eight-fringed white cloak often adorned with black stripes that a Jewish man wraps himself in every morning, to the head coverings of both men and married women, to the black leather boxes containing portions of Torah scriptures worn on the head and arm on a daily basis

What’s the Difference Between Judaism and Other Religions?

Judaism is not afraid to declare that G-d gave His Torah to His chosen people in front of the entire nation, as is written explicitly in the Torah. It’s impossible to invent a historical story like this and ask an entire people to keep Shabbat, put on tefillin, keep family purity laws and much more unless they were convinced G-d Himself had commanded it

10 Facts About the Tablets

Our sages have revealed to us that the tablets were made of Sapphire and would have weighed a half a ton, but since the letters engraved on them were spiritual, they were easy to carry