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Manchester Terrorist Wanted To Avenge U.S. Bombing of Syrian Children

General news:

Pray for your children: Today is an auspicious time to pray for the welfare of your children. The prayer of the Shelah is recommended.

Netanyahu reveals that the US added $75 million to Israel’s defense package to help maintain Isrtael’s military superiority.

Flamingoes can still stand on one leg even after death but not on two legs according to researchers from Atlanta.

Parent’s addiction to smartphones and tablets leads to children with poor behavior without boundaries. These children cry more and behave poorly and display other negative behaviors.

Israeli Politics:

Trump pressed Netanyahu and Abu Mazen to return to the negotiation table. Rex Tillerson said this in a press briefing to reporters: “Everyone must compromise… resolving the Israel-Palestinian dispute will start a process of resolution for the entire Middle East”.

The PA reiterates: “East Jerusalem with the sites considered holy to Muslims and Christians will remain the eternal capital of Palestine.”

World news:

Manchester Terrorist’s sister: My brother wanted to avenge the death of Syrian children. “He saw the bombs the US dropped on Syrian children and wanted revenge. (For some reason he failed to see the bombs his brothers dropped on Syrian children for 5 years.)

Reports in US: “Senior Russians used people close to Trump to influence him.” The New York Times reports that American spies gathered information last summer which said that Russian administration and intelligence officials talked about ways to influence Trump through his advisors paul Manfort and Michael Flynn. This information was relevant to the beginning of the investigation of Russian involvement in US elections.

Egypt banned and blocked Aljazeera and 21 more websites they call “supporters of terror”.


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