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Mazal Tov! You Have Quadruplets!

The Green Family who has boys this afternoon was blessed with quadruplets, 2 boys and two girls.  The family belongs to the Nadvorna court of Hasidim and this Shabbat will celebrate the Shalom Zachor for the twin boys and a Kiddush for the two girls in the Nadvorna court’s synagogue.

Statistically multiple births increased in the last decade and a birth of quadruplets happens in one out of 750 births.  Quads from the same embryo are one in 15 million births but that wasn’t the case here

It is interesting to note that another Nadvorna family also had quadruplets a few years ago having one boy and three girls.

We wish them Mazal Tov and may their parents raise them to be upright Jews!


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