Mika and Ali Part 4

In Part 1 Mika describes how Ali was her savior from a troubled childhood where her mother died and she ended up getting thrown out of her house. In Part 2 Mika describes marrying Ali and being subject to his terrible unrelenting abuse and then being able to move out of the Arab village to the main part of Israel. In Part 3 Mika describes the continuous abuse and murder attempts she endured along with the continued apathy of her father and social services.

Mika continues her story from after social services told her to get a job though she just survived a murder attempt. If she didn’t they’d remove her children from her care and put them in a dormitory.

“I naively believed though Ali wasn’t good his parents were still good people that could be relied on. I felt I was going to collapse and needed a break in order to recover and find work. I couldn’t take care of the children at the same time I was doing this so I decided to send them to Ali’s parents until I recovered.”

“At that time I was already adamant about getting divorced. I filed for divorce in court and hired a lawyer, the first one I met. I was sure he’d help me get out of this mess. My children were at my in laws meanwhile and I had no idea they got hold of my lawyer and bribed him with a huge amount of money to place papers in front of me to sign that I give up rights to my children.”

“If I’d only known, if I’d only understood,” Mika sobs, “I’d never in a million years sign such papers, but the lawyer was crooked and corrupt. He took advantage of my not knowing Hebrew and my desperate situation to put papers full of Hebrew legalese and innocently told me, “Just sign”. I feared that I’d be stuck with Ali forever and I signed what I thought were documents for my benefit but this traitor got paid by me to abuse me.”

“One evening I was walking in the park at about 10 at night. 2 girls and a man started cursing me out. After all the cursing I endured over the years I wouldn’t take it quietly and I started cursing them back. It became violent and they stabbed me. I was taken to the hospital in critical condition again and somehow survived.

In 2009 I finally got divorced. I wanted to get the custody of my children and only then did I discover what that lowlife lawyer did to me getting my signatures that I give up my children. I actually tried getting my children back. I met the Russian woman doctor that checked me years before and she had also escaped the village and wanted to help get the children back. We talked and came to the village. My son saw me and started to curse me out. A different time Ali put the kids on the phone and all they did was curse me out with things that are unrepeatable besides the “we hate you” or “get out of my face”, etc.

I asked for visitation rights and the judge inexplicably denied them to me. I admit I gave up. I see no hope of ever getting my children back. My past haunts me, it doesn’t leave me be and it hampers me from starting anew. Even Ali would on purpose come to the neighborhood to taunt me talking to me about the children and then cursing me. I stopped cowering in fear from him and then he stopped when he saw I was stronger than before.”

Mika wants to support other women that went through similar situations though she was beaten down so many times. “Unfortunately, society judges women in situations like mine. They don’t honestly try to understand what these women went through and say horrible things like “she deserves it” or that’s what happens when you foolishly go out with Arabs”. That’s why the women who really need to unburden the trauma they went through mostly keep it to themselves. They’d rather spare themselves the judgments of society.

I believe a support group for these women would really help. To give a shoulder to cry on and empathy for these women who need it so badly. I also want to write a book about my life that will help keep other young women from falling into the trap I fell into. I hope I can fulfill this dream and publish this book. It hurts me when I see young women seduced and charmed by these Arab men and they don’t think forward at all to what awaits them. They should read my story and internalize the deep pain I experienced that they too will experience if they make the same mistake.

From the hundreds of women I’ve met who’ve made this mistake there are no winners. They all come out of the ordeal deeply scarred both emotionally and physically if they’re lucky. They may also not make it out alive.

If you want to break up such a relationship do it without hesitation or fear and this is how it works: If you fear, he will be stronger. If you hide he’ll pursue you, if you overcome he’ll hide and if you strengthen yourself he’ll be scared.


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