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Miracles in Petach Tikva Terror Attack

The more investigators look into the terror attack in Petach Tikva this past Thursday the more they find it was a string of miracles. Only six people were slightly injured and 2 more were treated for shock.

Police investigators found that the Terrorist Sadak Nasser Abu Mazen age 18 opened fire towards a #87 bus from the Afikim bus company but the gun got jammed preventing more people from getting hurt.

A worker from a nearby store called “Shai” said:  “A great miracle happened here. I heard gunshots and I originally thought they were firecrackers. Every 6 to 10 seconds there was another gunshot. He was pointing at people and shooting at them and somehow missing them.

He pointed at passerby and people sitting on the bus. Everyone started running away. There must have been 50 people there that he kept shooting at and missing. No one was hurt it was a great miracle!”

Avi Assaf was someone present that actually chased the terrorist and got lightly wounded when the terrorist stabbed him in the neck. He explained to Y-Net how he caught the terrorist: “I heard shooting and people yelled terrorist terrorist!!! I saw the terrorist and I chased him for three blocks with 4 more people.” I saw him go into a sewing machine store and I went in after him. He took 2 screwdrivers and tried to stab me. I blocked him with a chair but he got me somehow in the neck and the ear. I later heard shots and saw that the terrorist was actually armed with a gun. Thank G-d I feel better now!”


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