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Moishe Holtzberg Returns to the Chabad House He was Rescued From

Moishe Holtzberg visits Mumbai: 11 year old Moishe Holtzberg  visited the Nariman House in Mumbai which was home of the Chabad house where his parents Rabbi Gavriel and Rivka Holtzberg were murdered 9 years ago in a terror attack. This Thursday there will be a memorial service for the terror victims with the participation of Prime Minister Netanyahu and Indian Prime Minister Modi. Moishe is accompanied by his grandparents the Rosenberg family from Afula, Israel who raised Moishe since the tragic murder of his parents. Sandra Samuel, the nanny that saved him and is like family to Moishe will also participate along with the Holtzberg grandparents from New York. The present shaliach in Mumbai, Rabbi Yisrael Kozlovski said: “To think that Moishe left here 9 years ago and now he came back lively and growing exactly as his parents wanted. Terror won’t win. In Moishe’s room here, the alef beis his mother drew for him is still hanging on the wall.”    

False alarm in Japan: A news broadcaster on Japanese Television reported on a missile launched at Japan from North Korea. This announcement made many people panic fearing the worst. A few minutes later the embarrassing and scary announcement was retracted. The cause for the announcement is not yet clear.

Serbian politician Oliver Ivanovic was shot dead near his party headquarters in Kosovo: He was shot no less than six times by unknown assailants in a drive-by shooting in Mitrovica near his party headquarters. Previously he was tried for war crimes for his part in the civil war in the 90’s. Serbian government officials call the murderer a criminal and the Kosovo Office of Serbian Affairs said “It was an act of terror”.

Germany after Iranians who spied on Israel on German soil: German security forces raided houses of Iranian agents who are suspected of espionage against Israel in Germany. The forces went into houses in the province of Bavaria and in Berlin after receiving search warrants against these agents who are associated with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.


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