More Halachic Questions in Wake of Israeli Fires

The Chief Rabbi of Zichron Yaakov, Rabbi Mordechai Abramovski stated that a man and wife whose Ketuba (marriage contract) was burned in the fires could not live under the same roof until a new Ketuba is written. The ketuba is a document which the Rabbinical Authorities established during the Talmudic era to protect women’s rights in a marriage. Under Jewish law, couples cannot live together without a ketubah, since the wife will not have her rights legally/halachically protected.
 Israel’s Chief Rabbis, Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef and Rabbi David Lau, both said on Monday that couples could continue to live together without a ketubah if it was  burned in a fire. The rights of the wife are still protected because the rabbinates in which they registered their marriage maintain a copy of the Ketubah.  Therefore it is permissible to stay together, however a replacement Ketubah should be written as soon as possible. 

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