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Netanyahu Optimistic Trump Will Help With Two State Solution

Prime Minister Netanyahu had an interview with Leslie Stahl on “60 Minutes”. Netanyahu told her that he expected to have a more productive relationship with Trump than he had with Obama. Trumps attitude and support for Israel is clear.

Netanyahu acknowledged he had differences of opinion with Obama especially with regards to the Iran Nuke deal. When asked if it was personal Netanyahu said that he could have the greatest relationship with Obama but it would not change Netanyahu’s attitude towards Iran and the threat they pose. President Trump is closer to Netanyahu regarding Iran. Trump would be more inclined to dismantle the Iran deal. He would probably have full backing from a congress that voted to extend sanctions against Iran. 

Netanyahu said that he hopes that warm ties with the White House will facilitate progress on the diplomatic front perhaps even to get to the stage where a final status agreement could be signed and establish a Palestinian State.

Netanyahu said he is willing to negotiate with the PA any time. “I haven’t reversed my position… we will solve this because we want two nation states … with proper security… that’s where I’m focused.”

When Trump gets into the White House Netanyahu would like trump to help with this. The Arab States can help achieve it. It’s a new possibility.


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