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Netanyahu Undergoes Medical Procedure, Policeman Stabber Dies

Israel News:

Prime Minister Netanyahu underwent a medical procedure last night. Zev Elkin was substitute PM for a few hours.

Less Electricity to Gaza in two weeks’ time Israel will decrease the electric supply to Gaza. Residents of Gaza will notice the change.

Netanyahu will announce who will be his new minister of communications next week. Whoever is appointed will keep the post which until now was in Netanyahu’s hands as an additional obligation besides prime minister.

Palestinian prisoner strike: More than 180 security threat prisoners participating in the hunger strike were hospitalized.

The terrorist that stabbed a policeman in Netanya last week died of his wounds in the hospital.

Police ask for assistance finding Shiraz Cohen, a 12.5 year old girl from Afula who disappeared on Sunday. Anyone with any information should call the 100 police number.

World news:

Greece: The former prime minister of Greece was injured from a car bomb concealed in his car. His driver was also wounded.

Nasrallah claims “Saudi Arabia gave Trump money to give to Israel”. He also mentioned “The positions stated in Riyadh won’t influence the internal situation in Lebanon.”

The US Army reports that over 100 civilians died during the US attack in Iraq 2 months ago. They died because of 2 explosives ISIS planted which caused a building to collapse.

The Philippines Yesterday an earthquake was felt in the Philippines measuring 5.3 on the Richter scale.

Trump met Macron in the US embassy in Brussels. He complimented Macron: “This was an astounding victory; the whole world is talking about it.”

Manchester Police commander: “Following up on the attack, we’ve made some important arrests and found evidence that’s important for the investigation.”

Lebanon: Last night Lebanese residents celebrated Israel’s withdrawal from Lebanon.  


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