Never Too Late to Make Amends

The month of Elul is the time for making amends, asking for forgiveness and forgiving all those who wronged us. A recent story came to light showing that making amends is always possible and is as timely as ever.

An elderly man of haredi appearance recently came to the Kastiel furniture store and gave the saleswoman a clock which he had apparently stolen from there 28 years ago and then ran away.

Alon Kastiel, the proprietor of the store, said in an interview with Channel 10 that the clock had a note attached that said “This item was stolen from the Kastiel furniture store in Hakishon street 28 years ago. The thief has repented and has returned the item to its owners. Thank you, sorry, please grant forgiveness and atonement.”

Kastiel said that his uncle remembered when the clock was stolen and the thief who had done it.

Kastiel also remarked that this was not the first time that members of the store have seen stolen goods returned after many years. “It happens every three or four years. We suddenly get a bag back. Of course we forgive the thief.” He posted his forgiveness on his Facebook page.

Kastiel mentioned that in the past it was difficult to follow up what was stolen from the store. “We couldn’t keep track of what exactly was gone and there weren’t video cameras. Once I went to fix a punctured tire and I saw in the fix-up shop all our furniture from years ago.”


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