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New Record for Electricity Consumption in Israel

The heat wave caused over 180 cases of dehydration requiring emergency treatment from Magen David Adom including 75 that fainted from dehydration. It is probable that other emergency services like Hatzalah also took care of many more cases around the country. Tomorrow it’s supposed to be even hotter so people should stay inside and avoid the heat.

Hadassah hemato-oncology crisis: Parents and the doctors who quit were forced by the Supreme Court into mediation two weeks ago. The doctors rejected the package for a potential solution offered to them today (Sunday).

84% of the Israeli population is prepared to be fingerprinted for the new biometric I.D. cards: 65,000 new biometric I.D. cards were issued this past month and 107,000 biometric passports. The ministry of interior says to those hesitant about their personal information being accessed by the wrong people: “there are many rings of security to prevent the leak of the databank.”

Israel breaks electricity consumption record: Today at 3:03 pm local Israel time, the all-time high for 2017 so far was broken when consumption hit 12,438 megawatts as opposed to last summer’s 12,202 megawatts. There’s a good chance that this record will also be broken within the next 2 days.

Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said “Israel cannot continue absorbing stray fire and Assad’s army knows that it’s playing against him.” He commented on Syria’s future saying: “We will not accept any agreement that Iran is part of.” And about missile factories he said: “We will not be apathetic to this.”

The ‘conversion law’ decision was deferred for 6 months the reform movement withdrew their petition to the Supreme Court. The reformers see a partial victory in the establishment of a staff for future dialogue. The religious parties also feel they came out with a major accomplishment when the prime minister obligated himself that in the event that the Supreme Court doesn’t defer its decision he will be obligated to follow coalition agreements and pass a law leaving conversions in the hands of the Israel Rabbinate.

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