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Newly Renovated IDF ‘Nerve Center’ in Tel Aviv Almost Ready

After years of delays, the IDF's command and control nerve center “The Pit” is in the final stages of its long-awaited renovation. It will become operational in several months' time.

The center was dug out in 1953 beneath the IDF's main HaKirya base in Tel Aviv. After its ventilation, safety and fire systems malfunctioned in recent years, it was decided to renovate it and fit it with the most sophisticated technological systems the army has at its disposal.

This is the site where the chief of staff and the army's high command will manage future wars, vital operations and clandestine missions largely kept out of the public eye.

It contains rooms for the prime minister, along with the defense and foreign ministers, and cabinet meetings can also be convened there. Its main war room includes seats for representatives from the Shin Bet, Mossad, Military Intelligence, the J6/C4i Computer Service Directorate, the Technological and Logistics Directorate, the Air Force, the Navy and others.



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