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North Korea Fired another Missile over Japan

Israel news:

Jerusalem Terror attack aborted: An East Jerusalem resident was stopped by security as he drove a truck out of the Arab town of Issawiya on the outskirts of Jerusalem.

Foreign ministry warns Israelis touring in Viet Nam to stay away from central Viet Nam for fear of floods and mudslides from a monsoon about to hit Viet Nam today through the weekend.

Netanyahu invites senior business men in Mexico to invest in Israel telling them about the unique business opportunity that Israel has to offer.

Thousands of worshippers came to pray at Rachel’s tomb in honor of the month or Elul. Unfortunately many were turned away as the site was closed down due to overcrowding.

World news:

North Korea fired another missile which flew over Japan before landing in the ocean: It was launched from Sunan which is where the North Korea International Airport is situated. The US has sharply condemned the launch and Trump promised that the UN sanctions are nothing compared to what’s coming next. South Korea and Japan are on high alert from this missile.

ISIS kills 74 and wounds 80 in a double terror attack in Nasiriya, Iraq: At noontime terrorists opened fire at a restaurant and then fled in a car in which they then blew themselves up when reaching a checkpoint. The terrorists left a trail of destruction including burned cars, trucks and charred bodies. ISIS took credit for the attack. Apparently they have switched to terror and guerrilla warfare as their military strength dwindled since losing Mosul and their other strongholds. Suicide terror attacks don’t need strongholds to implement and ISIS has hundreds of volunteers ready to carry out suicide attacks.

The US sanctioned 2 Iranian companies and private citizens that were involved in cyber-crimes and helping to promote the Iranian missile program.


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