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NY Knicks Kyle O’Quinn, The Bar Mitzvah Man

Kyle O’Quinn a basketball player on the Kew York Knicks likes his job at Madison Square Garden basketball court. But he recently discovered another job that he thinks may be as fun! When he’s not playing sometimes on a Saturday night Kyle O’Quinn may be seen at a New York Bar Mitzvah livening things up with the young crowd.

Kyle told ESPN that he had become a “Bar Mitzvah Man” entertaining the teenage guests. ESPN says that Kyle, besides being one of the New York Knicks strongest players he is also one of their biggest comedians, so his new found ‘profession’ is not so surprising.

Kyle is 27-year-old and he was born in Queens. He was never at a Bar Mitzvah before and he didn’t have any Jewish friends but he does have a Jewish agent named Andy Miller that asked him to come to his daughter’s bat mitzvah party. Not knowing what to expect, Kyle was surprised it turned out to be one of the best parties he’d ever attended and it gave him the impetus to go to more of them. He booked some gigs at several other kids’ bar and bat mitzvahs, where he had a great time dancing, talking with parents, signing autographs and takes selfies with the kids.  Kyle told ESPN that “The parties are crazy.” After going to a few bar mitzvah parties he became known as the Bar Mitzvah Man.

Kyle admits that when he comes out “they just go nuts… A lot of times, I go and I stay longer than I’m supposed to because it’s so much fun.” “The parents are partying with the kids and it’s a big festival. They’re letting loose, having a good time and the kids are having a good time … Honestly, it’s really nice to be a part of their culture and be down with them. Kyle says: “One thing I can say about these families is that they all know how to party.”


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