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Palestinian Activist Asked to Defend Why Palestinians are “World’s Number One Cause”

In a July 24 interview on the Syrian opposition Orient News TV channel translated by MEMRI, host Dima Wannous asked her guest, Muhammad Masharqa, a spokesman for the Free Palestinian-Syrian Assembly, why the Palestinians feel that their cause should be “the world's number one cause.”

Among her trenchant points: 
* The calamities of the other Arab nations over the years were no less tragic than the tragedy of the Palestinian people.

* In 1948, the years of the Nakba, only 150,000 Palestinians were expelled from Palestine while the other 600,000 remained in their historical homeland, although in different places. This number is equal to the number of people who fled Syria and Iraq in the past three months. 

* How many people were killed in the Palestinian 'Land Day?' Six.

* The sympathy given to the Palestinians is because “their enemy is Jewish and Israeli…”

*”Saddam Hussein was idolized by the Palestinian masses for firing 36 or 39 Scud missiles at Tel Aviv, while he was perpetrating crimes on a daily basis against his own people. The Palestinian greatly appreciated this murderer, arch-killer, dictator just because he fired missiles at Tel Aviv. What about the (Iraqi) people? The Syrians would not have fallen in love with Saddam if he had started fighting the Syrian regime…”

*Most of the Palestinians today support Hassan Nasrallah, considering him to be an instrument of liberation, but Nasrallah is doing his 'liberation' in Aleppo, not Palestine.”

Masharqa’s reply was to babble something about Israel being a western colonialist enterprise targeting the Palestinian people and the entire Arab region which is responsible for all the destruction in the Arab world.


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