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Parshat Hachodesh: Your Key to Renewed Strength

1. Parshat Hachodesh is the last of the 4 extra Torah Portions read this time of year.

2. ‘Hachodesh hazeh lachem’- “This month should be for you the first of all months of the year” is what we read and why it’s called Parshat “Hachodesh”.

3. We take 2 Torah Scrolls from the ark. In the first we read Vayakhel –Pekudei and from the second we read “Hachodesh” which deals with establishing the lunar calendar and the Passover holiday including the Passover lamb offering.

4. The Haphtarah (related prophet portion read) starts with: “In the first (month) on the first day of the month” (Ezekiel 45). The Haphtarah reading discusses the laws of Passover and sacrifices in the third future temple.

5. Heavenly Blessings come to the world this Shabbat: When we bless the upcoming month of Nissan. The poet in our siddur says: “Behold blessed days are coming”. All this month’s days are blessed by G-d. The Zohar says: “All blessings on high and in this world depend on Shabbat” meaning that the Shabbat gives blessing to the week afterward. That’s why the sages said to read Hachodesh on the Shabbat we bless the month of Nissan. For on this Shabbat there is an arousal of blessing from heaven on to the children of Israel.

6. Parshat Hachodesh is auspicious for renewal in serving G-d: the Bet Avraham says that this Shabbat is auspicious “to prepare and fix the start of the whole year and remove evil thoughts… through accepting anew to improve his ways from now on. The one who accepts upon himself in this month to start serving G-d will find it helps him for the entire year.”

7. This month is auspicious for strengthening the soul: The Shelah writes that “each day of the month of Nissan has the holiness of the first day (which is like a holiday).” Rabbi Zvi Hirsch of Riminov says: “ this month is the beginning of all future renewal and a person can merit the strength of spirit to constantly renew his service (to G-d) and he shouldn’t succumb to his evil inclination which lies to him saying he has no hope for repair G-d forbid.”

8. The great defender of Israel, Rabbi Levi Yitzchok of Berditchev wrote: “Parashat Hachodesh comes to teach man that he shouldn’t say that after G-d creating the world he left it, doesn’t watch it anymore and handed it to randomness. G-d forbid a person should say that. Rather man should believe completely that that G-d watches His world always without pause and constantly gives it life and renewal every day. There is special divine providence for His children (Israel) and even if someone experiences difficulty he shouldn’t lose his faith that salvation will quickly come.”

9. Everyone receives renewed strength: The Shem MiShmuel writes that “on the 1st of Nissan new strength is infuse in the heart of Israel but it only helps someone who wants to renew and leave his impurities behind.” The Chiddushei HaRim writes: “If a person would consider this (new strength) and consider who he is and what he has in his hands he wouldn’t delay or waste a moment!” Rabbi Zadok of Lublin on the same topic writes in Pri Tzaddik: “On this Shabbat there’s a renewal in the outpouring of Torah (to the world).”

10. Renew your divine service every month: The Chiddushei HaRim explained why the year is divided into months: “The idea of a month is that every man take what G-d gave him and on the 1st of the month arouse himself anew to serve G-d.”


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