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Pence: It’s an Honor to be at the Kotel

Israel news:

Pence tweets praises after Kotel visit: A few hours before flying back to the states Vice President Mike Pence visited the Kotel with his wife. After the visit he tweeted: “It was a great honor to visit the Kotel. This is our 4th visit to the Holy Land and Karen and I always leave with a feeling that our faith was renewed; faith in G-d but also in the people of Israel and their commitment to freedom, security and peace.

Shomron terror attack aborted: 2 terrorists came to the Tapuach Junction armed with knives and attempted to stab the Border Police guards at the checkpoint. They were spotted by lookouts and the guards shot at their legs neutralizing the threat. No Israelis were injured.

Motorcycle grenade attack on Tel Aviv police station: A shock grenade was thrown at a police station on Diezengoff St. in Tel Aviv by someone passing by on a motorcycle that drove off. The incident is being investigated.

World news:

Puerto Rican school gets electricity back after 112 days studying in the dark. They lost their power on September 20th when Hurricane Maria hit the island. The students were seen jumping for joy and running around the halls while teachers rang bells on a video posted on their Facebook page. 40% of Puerto Rico is still without power waiting for it to be restored.

Arabs vs. US: Vice President Pence’s Knesset address was heckled by Arab MKs from the ‘Joint List party’. The Hamas also had unsavory things to say about Pence: “US Vice President Pence desecrated and sullied the Al-Aksa mosque when he visited a Jewish place of worship.”

Polish Police arrest 3 neo Nazis for spreading fascist propaganda. Polish TV televised them celebrating Hitler’s birthday wearing Nazi uniforms.


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