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Pence Tells AIPAC: Trump Is Seriously Considering Moving the Embassy

Vice President Mike Pence spoke Sunday night at the AIPAC rally before 18,000 people. In his speech Pence stressed President Trump’s commitment to Israel and mentioned that Trump is seriously considering moving the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

“President Trump and I stand beside Israel with apologizing for it and that’s how it will always be” Pence said. “Donald Trump is a man that keeps his word and he is a man that does things. Or the first time in a very long time America has a president that will stand with our allies and stand against our common enemies. President Trump made it clear, America stands beside Israel as a friend and ally. American support for Israel’s security is at an all-time high and our commitment to the defense of Israel is uncompromising. If the world needs to know only one thing, they should know that America stands beside Israel.

Pence mentioned about the embassy that: “After decades when all they did was talk about this President Trump is seriously considering moving the embassy.”

Pence said that the government aims to heal establish a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians. “President Trump is committed to bring sustainable peace to the Middle East. Without a doubt sacrifices will have to be made to attain this peace, but Trump won’t compromise on the security of Israel the Jewish state.”

Pence promised that the “UN will stop being used as a harmful forum against the Jewish state”. He also mentioned Iran and said that the US won’t allow it to have nuclear weapons. “This our prpomise to you and to the world.”

It should be mentioned that a month ago Pence visited the desecrated Jewish cemetery in Missouri. He actually took off his jacket and helped remove debris. Afterwards he gave an impromptu speech standing on a box where he declared: “With all my heart I can tell you that there is no place in America for hate, prejudice, violence or Anti-Semitism. I must tell you that the citizens of Missouri are a source of inspiration to the nation displaying their love for this place and for the Jewish community in Missouri. I want to thank you for showing the world America’s true face.”


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