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Pennsylvania Cancer Patient Wins Lottery and Donates Prize

Josh Katrick, 36, diagnosed with colon cancer last July just finished his eighth round of chemotherapy. He learned that he had just won a lottery: one year of free pizza from a local pizza parlor. Roughly 1,200 people entered the contest. According to WFMZ the winner was randomly chosen by a computer, and that winner was Josh Katrick. However, instead of keeping the pizza for himself, he chose to give it away to a local food bank in Northampton, Pennsylvania.

Katrick told WFMZ-TV: “I’ve been getting so much from family, friends, people I don’t even know well, the last few months. Getting so much love and support…I just wanted to give back to people that could use it more than I could.”

When the pizza restaurant’s management heard of Katrick’s plans to donate the winnings, they decided to choose an additional winner: both Katrick and the Northampton food bank. They’re very happy with their decision.

“It’s better to give than receive, and especially during this time of year, it’s a great time to think about that and see examples of it around town,” Giuseppe Aiello, son of one of the shop’s co-owners, told WFMZ. “And this time of year, doing what we’re doing, I can’t think of anything better,” added Frank Grigoli, the restaurant’s manager.

We hope Josh has a speedy recovery.



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