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Policewoman Killed in Old City Terror Attack

On Friday night 3 terrorists armed with automatic weapons and knives attacked two sites simultaneously. Policewoman Hadas Malka, age 23 was stabbed to death in one of the attacks that took place at the Damascus gate. In addition 2 east Jerusalem residents and a policeman were wounded. The 3 terrorists who carried out the attacks were shot and killed immediately.

Major General Yoram Levi the district police commander later explained the double terror attack: “On one front next to the Zedekiah Caves, 2 terrorists one armed with an automatic weapon and the other with a knife attacked the police there with intent to kill them. The police present opened fire and killed them. But 100 meters away at Damascus gate an additional terrorist stabbed the policewoman in the back fatally wounding her. This terrorist too was immediately shot and killed.

Hadas’ commander, Police Superintendent Yossi Pitussi said: “We know Hadas fought with the terrorist. Her wounds show this. The one responsible for getting the terrorist away from her was a soldier that saw what was happening and jumped on the terrorist.”

Hadas Malka was from Givat Ezer. She signed up with the Border Police a year and a quarter ago and was a commander. She is survived by her parents, 2 brothers and 3 sisters. Her funeral was late Saturday night in the Ashdod cemetery.     


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