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Protests Continue with 17 Arrested

Saturday night and Sunday morning have shown a continued cycle of protests in the United States against the election of Donald Trump. Saturday was the fourth day in a row that Democrats protestsed against the president-elect.

Since the beginning of the protests, at least 17 people have been arrested; four of them were detained on suspicion of involvement in the shooting of a demonstrator during a demonstration held yesterday in Oregon.

Yesterday (Saturday) two police officers were injured during a protest in Indianapolis. In addition, thousands marched in New York, California and Atlanta.

Following violent demonstrations, Turkey issued a travel warning to its citizens against going to the United States.

Against the background of the protests, the United States is increasing concern an increase in the level of manifestations of racism since the election of Trump for president. It should be noted that Trump for his part, tried in his victory speech and interviews with American media to lower the flames, and leave a series of messages to soothe the Democrats. Trump announced that he “will try end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict “, and declared that he would consider leaving parts of Obama's healthcare reform.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Trump said that his top priority will be securing the border against drug smugglers and illegal immigrants and the removal of regulations on financial institutions. Trump promised that he would provide jobs for the citizens of America by national infrastructure projects and improving international trade agreements.

When asked in an interview whether he would work to find Clinton guilty for the email scandal, Trump said: “This is not something I thought about too much. I want to solve the health issues, the jobs, border security, tax reform”. Recall that in his meeting with Obama, Trump was asked not to appoint a prosecutor regarding the Clinton emails.


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