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Putin and Netanyahu to Meet in Sochi, Russia

Israel news:

A Palestinian was caught fleeing with automatic rifle in his car attempting to cross the green line into the Shomron when he was stopped by security.

IDF senior staff members say “deterrence against Hezbollah is less and not more than before”: Israel isn’t more prepared for war rather it’s less prepared than previously thought. The Shiite terror organizations admitted their use of drones recently and the northern command heads say that Israel is losing its deterrence abilities. “Lately, Hezbollah has openly made outposts in areas clearly forbidden by UN decisions.”

Netanyahu and Putin to meet in Sochi, Russia tomorrow where it is expected that Netanyahu will tell Putin clearly that Iran’s presence in Syria makes the region more dangerous and increases the risk of war.

The person who ran over and killed a girl yesterday was driving without a license as it was revoked due to previous violations.

World news:

ISIS is on its way out of the Middle East: After losing Mosul in Iraq ISIS was defeated again in the Iraq Syrian border area. ISIS being wiped out of the Middle East is a matter of time. However many have strategically retreated and escaped to Europe which is bound to suffer more as ISIS will use its resources there instead of the Middle East to sow unrest and terror.

Earthquake in Italy: An earthquake of 4.6 on the Richter scale near the island resort town of Ischia caused the death of 1 person and injured at least 10 others. 7 are also reported missing.

New potential terror threat: Train terror: Being that aviation security is far stronger than before Al-Qaeda is preparing a new method to terrorize the world: derailing passenger trains. Europe and the US are looking into improving security measures to protect against this new threat.


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