How to give a child love and warmth without spoiling him?



I would like to ask a question about educating children. How can I give my daughter (she is still a baby but in any case I want to know.) warmth and love without spoiling her?


Good question. The answer is explicit in the Talmud, and it is a major rule in education: “Always your left hand should push away while your right hand draws near.” The left hand pushing away means to set up boundaries and institute clear and unequivocal discipline. Children need to know that not everything is permitted, and there is a price for everything.

However, keep in mind that just as a person’s right hand is his stronger hand, the main thing is the “right hand that draws near” with warmth and love. They mention the left hand before the right one, to show that after setting up limitations and educating your children, you should compensate by drawing them near, and then the limitations and discipline will seem minor in comparison to the closeness.