Does tradition validate Islam?



The Book of the Khazari presents tradition as a principle that can verify the belief in the Torah that we received from generation to generation. Does this principle also prove the truth of Islam (belief in Muhammad and Islamic prophets)?


After all, Islam is a great religion that believes in G-d and its traditions were passed down to Muslims from generation to generation. Why is the principle of majority rules acceptable for Judaism but not for other religions?


No one can invent the history of an entire people. No one can convince a whole people: "You have seen that I talked with you from heaven" if it isn’t true. See what it says in detail in Deuteronomy Chapter 4. Read the entire chapter.

Islam does not claim to be given by divine revelation in front of the entire nation. And it can not claim such a thing.

Muhammad claimed that an angel appeared to him in a cave. And people believed him.

But our holy Torah is based on a divine revelation before 3 million people, not a person in a cave. Read about the Exodus, the Ten Plagues, the Splitting of the Red Sea, the pillar of fire and cloud, forty years of miracles in the desert, and the Revelation on Mt. Sinai, where all the people heard the voice of G-d speaking out of the fire.

This constitutes historical evidence before an entire nation.

The billions worldwide who believe in Muhammad and Jesus - do not claim such evidence.

Judaism is not based on the majority opinion, but on historical knowledge.

Most people believe without having historical knowledge.