Preparation for Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year)



Rosh Hashana is coming up and I do not feel any spiritual awakening, just emptiness. I want to wake up inside, but I can’t budge myself. What should I do? Is this OK? I became religious four and a half years ago. Thanks.


That's alright, you do not always have to feel an awakening.

But it is well worthwhile to devote some time to introspection before the New Year:

1) Think a bit if there is any part or parts of the commandments that you find hard to fulfill or observe, and start by making a small practical improvement in those areas.

2) Think in your mind of a spiritual goal you want to achieve this coming year, so that when the holidays arrive and bring with them a fresh new year of life, we’ll know what to ask for from G-d to help you achieve your goal in the coming year.

3) Take a few minutes to go over the holiday prayer book so you’ll be familiar with the prayers and piyyutim of the day and their meaning.

May you have a happy New Year,