I have many dreams about demons



As of late, I have been having many dreams about demons, and there is also an angel in these dreams and he helps me and protects me from the demons. In addition there is also a girl that helps me but I do not know her and I've never seen her in real life. The demons all the time want to kill me because they say in the dream that I had ruined their plans (I have no idea what they're talking about). And in my last dream yesterday, this girl was not there, nor was the angel, there were just the demons that in the beginning began to burn me and afterwards cut me with a knife and that's how I died. But the dream doesn’t end there. I appear in the Afterlife with a white light above me. I ask someone to take me with him. But nothing happened after that. I remember that I came back to life as a demon and here ends the dream. What does it mean, and why lately have I had so many dreams about devils who want to kill me? And I also have no idea what’s the reason no one tells me anything in the dreams besides I ruined their plans (of the demons). Thanks in advance.


Our sages say:

One who experiences a melancholy dream, should say during the priestly benediction this text:

“Master of the World! I and Yours and my dreams are Yours. I have dreamed a dream and I do not know its meaning. May it be Your will, Almighty G-d, and G-d of my fathers, that all my dreams regarding myself and regarding all of Israel be for the good, whether those I have dreamed concerning myself; or those I have dreamed about others, or those that others have dreamed about me. If they are good dreams, strengthen and reinforce them and may they be fulfilled in me and in them, like the dreams of Joseph, the righteous. But if they require healing, cure them like Hezekiah, king of Judah, was cured from his sickness; like Miriam the prophetess was healed from her leprosy, and like Naaman, from his leprosy; like the waters of Marah through Moses our teacher, and like the waters of Jericho through Elisha. As You transformed the curse of the wicked Bilaam from a curse to a blessing, so may You transform all my dreams regarding myself and regarding all the Jewish people for goodness. May you guard me and be gracious to me, and may you accept me favorably, Amen.”

If you persist in saying this version after strange dreams, then little by little, the dreams will stop, and will be as if they never were.