Who is G-d? What is G-d’s name?



G-d has many different names. We cannot know G-d in His essence[1]; we can only know His manifestation on earth. We interpret this manifestation as His traits (mercy, wrath, kindness) or as His actions. We give different names to each one of these, so that we can tune into the specific dimension of G-d’s manifestation more perceptively.

Different languages have different vocabularies to discuss the areas which that culture is rich in. Eskimos have different names for different types of snow. The Turks have a separate name for eldest brother, indicating that that is a completely separate category of sibling in their mind. Biblical Hebrew is rich in spiritual words, because that is what is important to we Jews. This allows us to think more richly and accurately in this area. No wonder then, that we have many different names for G-d.

[1] Even the Holy Name Hashem is not a description of His essence, just of the highest point which we can perceive.