Jewish Law

Mikvah & Seperating Challah



Hello Rabbi,

I am B”H pregnant, just about to enter my ninth month.  I was wondering if I am allowed to bathe in the Mikvah a few days before I actually enter my ninth month to gain an advantage in having an easy delivery or should I wait until I actually enter my ninth month? 

An additional question that I have is I want to do Hafrashat Challah (seperating challah) – may I do the Hafrashat Challah on a different day than when I go to the Mikvah?  Thank you very much and continue to have a wonderful and successful day. 



  1. Bathing in the Mikva in your ninth month provides no advantage to an easy delivery; rather it is possible that it will cleanse the newborn from all bad things that the mother saw during her pregnancy.  As such, it would be worthwhile to bathe in the Mikvah precisely after the beginning of your ninth month. 
  2. You can do Hafrashat Challa whenever you want.