If the Torah is true how come so few people keep it?



If the Torah is true how come so few people keep it?


As much as we do enjoy keeping the Torah, the Torah is something which requires effort and discipline. If the Torah was only offering ice cream and candy, certainly there would be a lot more takers. But, although Judaism seems intimidating when looked at from the outside, it does not ask us to give up This World in order to get to the Next World. Somebody who embarks on a Torah-spiritual journey, will find that, once they are spiritually full, they will not feel that they are lacking materially either. So Judaism is certainly quite attractive when understood in this light. But until you get there, certainly there is an appearance of sacrifice, because you have to commit yourself to a very specific set of rules and laws. This is hard for people to commit to, especially with the tremendous lack of knowledge and false presentations of what the Torah requires, which unfortunately exist today.