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who is a jew



 .thank God i am a bal teshuva and im 30 years old involved in shlichut in south america to strengthen the youth in a recent conversation we were questioned, who is a jew? i answered that its a genetic thing and also spiritual. is judaism only something passed over genetically or is somebody that only has a jewish father jewish spiritualy?


rabbais dont have the power to decide who is jewish and who is not only God can decide thisjust like God states in the torah how to put tefilliln and the laws of kosher eating so too has God stated that a man born to a jewish mother is jewish and a man born only to a jewish father is not.

jewish nations differes from those who are not only God can know to decipher this difference
.a person who doesnt believe this is blind and doesnt know what is this a jew and what is this the tora if he thinks that the torah was given to people to translate it like we understand.