There is a Mishna in Masechet/Tractate Yoma chapter 3 Mishna 1 which says that once the light of the moon shone so brightly that it was confused with the light of the sun and made the Cohanim question when to bring the Korban/sacrifice Tamid which was meant to be brought in the morning. My question is, why is this Mishna brought in Masechet/Tractate Yoma which is about Yom Kippur, since the moon on the 10th of Tishrei does not rise near sunrise. Therefore, this would not be a mistake that can be made around the time of Yom Kippur and seemingly does not belong in Masechet/Tractate Yoma.


See the explanation about this Gemara in the Schottenstein Talmud where it is thoroughly explained in the notes.