Jewish Thought

Which is better - to be one of the first ten [men] or to come to the beit Knesset (synagogue) adorned with tefillin (phylacteries)



I would like to ask, which is preferable in coming to synagogue for shacharit (morning prayers): To be among the first ten or perhaps not to be of the first ten, but to come in wearing tefillin and tzizit (prayer shawl)?


The merit of coming to synagogue wearing tallit and tefillin is greater than being among the first ten (Mishna B'rura, siman 100, 47; Kaf Hachaim, siman 25, 47. See also in Sefer Halacha B'rura, Part 2, siman 25, in berur halacha, 5, and in Sha'ar Hatzion, siman katan 56-57)