Purpose of insects



What is the purpose of insects like flies, mosquitoes, etc.?


Every living thing is needed in order to keep the balance in nature, as the science of ecology teaches. Insects are food for bigger animals like birds, and each one has a contribution to make in nature. See this article about the contribution of the mosquito:
Flies are insects which keep the world clean from decay and illness. In general, small flying insects are responsible for perpetuation of various plants by transferring their seeds. All insects teach us about the wisdom of the Creator, both through their complexity as well as through their behavior. The most advanced technology is developed through what is learned from animals, insects, and even germs. Science mimics the wisdom found within their limbs and their ability to cope with harsh conditions in nature and with serious illnesses. This is an example of what the verse refers to when it says, “How great is Your handiwork, Hashem, You made them all with wisdom, the earth is filled with Your creations.” (Psalms 104:24)